The chocolate ration is being increased to 25 grammes per week.

Best of the web

Sites I frequently visit:

reddit.com for… well, just about everything. It has news and interesting stuff, in a pleasing format. It is easier to understand than explain. Just check it out.

The Show by zefrank. The only video blog I’ve ever really watched. Perhaps you should just try this episode. I am a regular viewer of The Show.

I read Talking Points Memo to keep up on in what way our elected officials are screwing us (and each other).

Metafilter.com is still unique on the web. I read it less now that reddit.com is around, but I still find interesting stuff there.

I’m sure not everyone will find AskANinja funny, but I do.

For my tech news, slashdot is OK, but alterslash is better. Think of it as a protective coating for slashdot. A condom, if you will.

Boing Boing is an interesting multi-person blog.

Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools occasionally has some really interesting things on it.

For personal reasons, I really like What Jeff Killed. Jeff looks exactly like Little Penny, our cat that died in 2006.

I used to subscribe to salon.com, but I wasn’t using it much after switching to reddit.com. Also, since using adblock plus with FireFox, I can’t get a day pass anymore. <sigh>


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