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Frontline’s News War should be required viewing for every American

I didn’t really learn anything new in watching all 3 parts (there was a 4th part, but it was on Frontline/World and not really part of the main subject as parts 1-3). What happened to me was profound, however. There are two main issues discussed in this series: the history of the battle between the Executive branch of our government and journalists, and how the internet and media mega-companies are changing the landscape for the old media that do all the heavy lifting in protecting us from our own government and large corporations.

If you look at the last 40 years, love them or hate them, the New York Times and the Washington Post have been there for the American people. Watergate, for example. More recently the Times storing breaking what the NSA was doing to spying on the American people without warrants. Because of the Times story, our government has decided to get warrants (through FISA) for all wiretaps. On the other side, yes, Judy Miller was a key player in selling the Iraq war. Without her cheering section in the Times, it may not have been possible for the American people to get behind the war. I’m not arguing that the Times and the Post are infallible. They’re not. But, they serve a vital function in our democracy.

Watch Frontline’s News War and see for yourself.


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