The chocolate ration is being increased to 25 grammes per week.

Birther madness

So, The Donald is the latest person to fan the flames of the birther movement.  It’s just weird, though.  Read Gail Collins op ed on it.  Then, read The Donald’s reply.  Then, read Collins’ reply to his reply.  Fascinating, for sure.  I especially love the created drama over Obama’s grandmother’s statement, truncated to make it more plausible.  And, to get a neutral (as you can get) analysis of this entire mess, you can read PolitiFact’s Final Chapter on the subject.

I do think this means The Donald doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning in 2012, though.  I believe this issue is a litmus test for crazy and that crazy can’t be elected to the presidency.  Let’s hope I’m correct.


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