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Obama revealed: A moderate Republican

The Washington Post has a new column by Ezra Klein: Obama revealed: A moderate Republican.

I’ve been saying this for some time.  For me, this is the money quote:

… as Democrats moved to the right to pick up Republican votes, Republicans moved to the right to oppose Democratic proposals.

This inevitably means that Republicans will oppose ideas they previously supported or even originated.  That has become the calculus of the GOP.

I also think the tea party is a factor in their new look.  The main issue of the tea party, fiscal responsibility, was stolen from the GOP.  This has forced the GOP to double down on their old platform, so they can further differentiate themselves.  This is why you see Paul Ryan talking about spending cuts in the trillions.

I also think that Obama is moving to the right to insure his re-election, because he is worried if he doesn’t he will be too big a target for the GOP in 2012.  If this is true, and he does win in 2012, it means it will likely shift to the center a little.  Only then will we see the real Obama, the Senator who condemned many of the things President Obama has done, or the President who thinks Senator Obama was an idealistic young punk.


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