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Comcast using a trick to raise rates on internet customers

My Comcast Business Internet bill went up $7 this month. When I called to find out why, I was told Comcast had done an “audit” of the sales department and found many people should have been paying for their equipment since the beginning of their contract period but weren’t. Rather than charge me for the last two years of rental, they’re going to be nice and just start charging me the $7/month now.

I signed a contract with them that has a line labeled “Internet Equipment Fee” and the box until the “Total Cost” column is blank (see image below). When I mentioned this to the CS rep she told me that if there was a “$0.00” in that box I would get free equipment. Then, she tried to claim equipment isn’t even covered by the contract. When I pointed out there’s a line item for it she just changed the subject, in classic redirection style.

When I originally talked to the sales person, back a couple of years ago, I asked if the equipment was included in the price and I was told an emphatic “yes” it was. Now, Comcast is trying to use this ridiculous trick to get $7 more a month out of me.

Apparently there are a large number of people that fall into this category. If that is the case, we need to complain to Comcast and make them understand we won’t agree to this increase. A contract is a contract.

I’m curious: did this also happen to Residential customers?

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I have talked with 3 Bill CS reps and escalated to one supervisor. All maintain the same story and claim they can’t change the bill. They said the sales department is the only one that can change the contract. So, I called the sales department and, they claim they can’t change it and the “customer retention” department is the only one who can change it. Mysteriously, he couldn’t transfer me to that department, but gave me the phone number. When I call it, they’re closed, even though the time I called falls in the hours they claim to operate (8-5pm Pacific).

Comcast contract portion


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