The chocolate ration is being increased to 25 grammes per week.

Who are the job creators?

This TED talk might not have really been banned and it might not be the best of TED, but I agree with the premise: people with lots of money and people that run businesses do not create jobs all by themselves.  Jobs are created by a cycle of supply and demand, and if you have no demand there will be no supply.  In other words, if the middle class shrinks then there will be fewer people to buy goods and companies that sell said goods will order less and the people that make it will make less, which all means there will be fewer people employed.

Banned “Tax the Rich” TED Talk slides and text here.

Those who know me have heard this before: those in power (right now that’s the GOP in Congress) should want a strong middle class.  They might say they want that, but their actions speak differently.  Tax cuts for the rich are not how you make a strong middle class.  Cutting the budget deficit in the middle of a recession is not the way to spur growth.

The GOP’s current plan is only going to make things worse and lessen job creation.


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