The chocolate ration is being increased to 25 grammes per week.

A beautifully written piece of a man wrongly convicted of killing his wife

I spend over an hour this morning reading the story of Michael Morton.  It’s a long story.  It’s a sad story.  It’s full of pain, for all sides.  But it’s also about the harm that people in power can do.  This is one of the most powerful, true stories I have read in a long time.

If I haven’t convinced you to read this story yet, I’ll make one more pitch: the story is very well written and I was engrossed. Pamela Colloff, the writer, does a fantastic job of telling this story.  At times I wondered weather I was reading a fantastic work of fiction.

Here is part 1.  Here is part 2.  After reading, if you are so inclined, please donate to the Innocence Project.

Stories like this are why I cannot be for the death penalty.


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