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The Xbox 360 UI is a piece of shit

Press the X button just the right amount of time you get a menu.  Press it too long and you get a different menu.  Wow, I wish I had thought of that one.  I would have used it in all the programs I’ve written over the years!

I let my Xbox Live Gold account lapse, so they punished me.  It unlinks your profiles and makes you re-link them to the master Xbox Live Gold account.  Could it do this automatically?  Absolutely.  Their website had all the details before.  Do they do it?  NO.  My guess this is punishment for your lapse.  Bend over and take it like a man.

On the Xbox website they say go to “Settings, Family” to add family members.  I’m familiar with Settings.  You just short-press the X button.  From there I found the Family Settings menu, page, or whatever it’s called.  I wandered around in there for 30+ minutes.  Turns out, there is an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT place that has Settings and Family.  That’s right, two places with the same names.  Brilliant.

Once I found the right place to add the account, I had to login to the master account.  Have you ever tried to use an Xbox controller to type a user name and password?  It is an exercise in frustration like no other.  OK, so a trip to a computer to find the password, since I’d long forgotten it.  Last Pass to the rescue.  Back to the Xbox and lots of joy-sticking later I have it entered.  Only one more account to add.  15 minutes later I’m done.

In the past, I’ve had similar nightmares with the Xbox UI.  Endless navigation to dead ends, as there is no real organization to the UI.  Having to enter special codes to verify a device, where the code is sent to the original email used to sign up the account.  WTF?  I already entered the password.

Once I was deep into doing some signup on the Xbox website, with the Chrome browser, only to figure out it wouldn’t work.  After beating my head against that wall, I decided to try IE.  It worked.

I have never been so consistently pissed off at a company while trying to give them money or use their product.  It is a horrific experience and if my son didn’t like playing that thing so much, I would take it to the top of a tall building a drop it off.  I would enjoy the sight of its final battle, this one with gravity, and one that it would not win.


One response to “The Xbox 360 UI is a piece of shit

  1. Phil January 24, 2013 at 2:21 pm

    I agree 100%. I’ve had similar experiences myself. Very VERY frustrating!!

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