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Monthly Archives: March 2013

LBJ tapes: Nixon sabotaged the Vietnam peace talks for political gain

As if we need more reasons to dislike Richard Nixon.  In a nutshell: using back-channel communications to the South Vietnamese, Richard Nixon enticed the the South Vietnamese president to pull out of the Paris Peace talks in exchange for a better deal when he was President.  Then, on the eve of LBJ’s announcement of the cessation of the bombing of North Vietnam, he learned the South Vietnamese had pulled out of the peace talks.  And this was all just before the Presidential election of 1968, in late October.  LBJ told candidate Hubert Humphrey about this treason, as LBJ called it, but  Humphrey decided not to use the information to destroy Nixon’s chances of winning the election, because at the time he believe he would win.  We know how that turned out.

None of this is guess work or second hand.  It’s all in LBJ’s voice on the tapes he made as President.

Oh, and one more thing: from the time of the election in ’68 until Nixon negotiated an end to the war, another 22,000 America soldiers were killed.