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Friday fun pics

Again, these are from my favorite picture blog Picture This. The chosen photos are sometimes mesmerizing.






The state of streaming movies

When I want to watch a movie I first look on Netflix (I have a streaming subscription), and then I look on Amazon (I have a Prime subscription).  Most often the movie isn’t on either, and on Amazon there are two possibilities: free (with Prime) and rental.  Young Frankenstein, the most recent example, is available to buy on Amazon (DVD or streaming), and the DVD is available on Netflix (if I had a DVD subscription).  By the way, the streaming version on Amazon is available to buy for $9.99.  No thanks.

The net result of this situation is two fold: people will watch fewer movies or they will pirate them.  I want to give them my money, but they don’t want to take it.  This power play between the content owners and Netflix/Amazon is going to be the content owners downfall.  Their desire to control everything will mean they lose massive amount of money through lost sales.  At some point, either people will turn to other entertainment or they’ll pirate the content.  And this isn’t something that comes up infrequently.  I’d say 80-90% of the time I want to watch a movie, it’s just not available to me.  Content owners, are you really that stupid??  It seems so.

And, let’s not forget that the user experience when I rent a DVD is far inferior to the user experience when I pirate, not that I would do that sort of thing.  If I had all the time back that I wasted from the time I inserted a DVD into a DVD player and the time the movie started… I’d have years back of my life.  Being forced to watch commercials for a DVD I own or rented, well, that’s just infuriating.  For those that pirate their content?  They don’t have any of these issues.  Their experience is wonderful.  Hit play, see the beginning of the movie.  Wow, what a concept.  I have a movie library that consists of 40 or so DVDs.  I have actually downloaded illegal copies for movies that I own, because I knew the user experience would be better for the download than the physical thing I owned.  I believe it is legal for me to download the digital version of something I already own, so I exaggerate calling this an illegal copy.

The movie industry constantly complains of piracy, yet everything they do encourages it.

What the internet was made for, cat pics



It just so happens this one has a dog in it, too.  Check out the eyes.
8700830957_452dfcea3a_oThe original is here.