The chocolate ration is being increased to 25 grammes per week.

Are we ready to decriminalize or legalize pot?

Because I don’t think society is better off when we sentence a 27-year-old man to 20 years because for possession of a 1/2-oz of marijuana.  Not only does this destroy a life, it has ripples for society.  It’s expensive.  When he gets  out of prison he’ll likely be dependent on social services for low-level sustenance (it’s near impossible to get a job with a record).

Portugal decriminalize all drugs 12 years ago and it’s working very well for them.  Fear keeps us from doing the same thing.  And, there are a lot of positive effects of the new policy.

The people we elected to Congress should do something about this, rather than spending time on a 21-hour rant about non-sense.


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