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Iran deal: “Abject Surrender” or not?

The Weekly Standard is a horrible, hack organization, that has no journalistic integrity at all.  They are partisan to the end, and will never give Obama credit for anything.  Their current headline is Abject Surrender by the United States written by a waste of water named John R. Bolton, also a partisan hack that wouldn’t know fair and balanced if it punched him in the stomach.

So, is the deal the Obama administration made as bad as the right wingers are saying?  The conservative business website Business Insider has this to say about it:

In sum, this first step achieves a great deal in its own right.  Without this phased agreement, Iran could start spinning thousands of additional centrifuges.  It could install and spin next-generation centrifuges that will reduce its breakout times.  It could fuel and commission the Arak heavy water reactor.  It could grow its stockpile of 20% enriched uranium to beyond the threshold for a bomb’s worth of uranium. Iran can do none of these things under the conditions of the first step understanding.

Furthermore, without this phased approach, the international sanctions coalition would begin to fray because Iran would make the case to the world that it was serious about a diplomatic solution and we were not.  We would be unable to bring partners along to do the crucial work of enforcing our sanctions.  With this first step, we stop and begin to roll back Iran’s program and give Iran a sharp choice:  fulfill its commitments and negotiate in good faith to a final deal, or the entire international community will respond with even more isolation and pressure.

The American people prefer a peaceful and enduring resolution that prevents Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon and strengthens the global non-proliferation regime.  This solution has the potential to achieve that.  Through strong and principled diplomacy, the United States of America will do its part for greater peace, security, and cooperation among nations.

This is just the conclusion.  There are lots of other details in the piece.

The Weekly Standard is a disgusting publication and deserves to die.


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