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My favorite Android apps (Nov 2013 edition)

Many of these apps I paid for.  In every case, it was well worth the cost.

My current phone is a LG Nexus 5.  My previous phone was a Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  All these apps worked on both.

In no particular order:

  • Twitter client: Plume for Twitter – I evaluated a lot of clients, and I hated them all for one reason or another.  This one has made twitter bearable for me, mainly because I can mute certain types of posts to make my stream smaller and more manageable.
  • podcast player/manager: DoggCatcher – very nice for podcasts, both for playing and downloading.  It’s a set it and forget it type of thing.
  • music player: DSub and Google Play Music – I prefer to use DSub, but it’s been giving me problems lately so I’ve switched to Google Play Music.  I uploaded my entire music collection to Google’s cloud and I can stream it to my phone from anywhere.  DSub is a client for Subsonic, which is a server that runs on my machine at home (where I keep my music).
  • anti-theft: Cerberus anti theft – for when I lose or get my phone stolen… peace of mind.
  • utilities:
    • Light Flow – LED&Notifications – allows for the control the notification LED on my phone.  I love it, but I’ve had trouble since I updated to 4.4 (Kit Kat).
    • Setting Profile Full – allows for changing settings of the phone based on location.  I mainly use it to turn on Wi-Fi when at home or work.
    • Timeriffic – allows for changing ringing characteristics of the phone based on time.  I mainly use it to mute my phone at night and during scheduled meetings.
  • games: Solitaire MegaPack – for my fix of various card games.
  • keyboard: SwiftKey Keyboard – a good standard keyboard replacement.  I don’t know if it’s the best, but I like it.
  • exercise companion: My Tracks – allows me to record walks and gives me stats (elevation changes, distance, speed, etc).
  • launcher: Nova Launcher – I love this replacement launcher/home screen manager.  Lots of cool features.
  • productivity: Remember The Milk – todo list manager that I can access from a browser.  Full featured. Easy to use.
  • backup: rsync backup for Android – allows an rsync backup of my sdcard to a remote machine.  Indispensable in case my phone gets lots or I accidentally wipe it (yes, this happened).  The setup of this app  is complex and not for the non-techie.
  • banking: USAA Mobile, Capital One® Mobile – The USAA app is much better than the Capital One® app.  Capital One bought Ing Direct.  I fully expect some day I will need to close my Capital One® account because they’ll screw up everything that was good about the old Ing Direct.  At least I have USAA to fall back on.  I originally got the USAA account/app to be able to deposit checks via my phone (by taking a picture of the front and back of the check).  Now, many banks allow this.  USAA is still the best, mainly because the interface is easier.  Also, the daily limit is $10,000 instead of $3,000 for Capital One®.  This isn’t an issue very often, but it’s come up twice.  One problem with USAA, you need a connection to the military to get an account.  I used the fact that my father had served in the Army.

Once it gets fixed for Kit Kat, I’ll add this back:

  • utility: MoreQuicklyPanel – allows access to a bunch of features from the notification area.  Currently broken on Kit Kat.

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