The chocolate ration is being increased to 25 grammes per week.

Comcast Trolls America, parts 1-5

These were not written by me, but I love them, so I’m linking to them.  Spread the word.  Comcast is a horrible, terrible company.  If I had any choice (Google Fiber I’m looking at you!), I’d switch away from them in a nanosecond.

Comcast Trolls America Part 1: How Comcast Grinds You Down
Comcast Trolls America Part 2 – Comcast Fees & Collections: A disturbing practice
Comcast Trolls America Part 3: Reddit’s Magic Wand
Comcast Trolls America Part 4 – Non sequitur: Comcast Math
Comcast Trolls America Part 5: The non-apology apology

You can read about my own experiences with Comcast here and here.  I really, really hate them.  There are more evil companies on earth, I’m sure, but they are really good at being assholes.


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