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ResellerRatings.com removes store reviews at the request of merchants?

I’ve always thought ResellerRatings was a good place to see fair ratings of stores. I guess I was wrong. The first negative review I put up, regarding Maingear.com, was removed after a few days. Someone from Maingear contacted me on a Saturday night about the review. The guy was upset that I spoiled his near 10.0 rating. He wasn’t disputing the what I said in the review, he was just upset that he might lose business over it. The review was from an order a couple of years before. After talking with the Maingear guy, I amended the review to make this very clear.

I noticed that a couple of days after my conversation, the review disappeared. I emailed ResellerRatings twice over the next week, but I never got a response.
I’m guessing Maingear pressured ResellerRatings to remove the review. Well, now I know not to check ResellerRatings anymore, because I know what’s there is whitewashed.
Anyone have a good store/merchant review site they like?