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A coinstar tale

So, I took 20 years of saved change to Safeway today to test the mettle of the coinstar machine they installed.  I’m impressed with the hardware, but not the software.  I only did it because they have an option to get a coupon for various retailers, Amazon.com being the one in which I was interested.  So, Adrian and I loaded 90 quarters, 736 dimes, 614 nickels and 5926 pennies into the machine.  It took about 25 minutes.  The machine didn’t balk at the pocket lint.  I didn’t let the snickers from the Safeway employees bother me.  Proof:

coinstar receipt

That's what they call "coin"!

So, I get to the end of the process, and press OK.  I see the dreaded “technical difficulties” screen and it spits out a cash voucher, for which it deducts 9.8%, or $18.23 in my case.

I went to the nice lady at customer service and told her I’d happily take cash or an Amazon.com voucher for $186.06, but no less.  She must have disappeared behind that fortified door a half dozen times before I walked out with my cash.  All of it.

Monkeys like money, too

An interesting experiment by the Freakanomics guys referenced here. For, the absolutely interesting thing is the use of the coins to barter for… sex. Perhaps the first occurrence of monkey prostitution ever? Someone should spank that monkey.