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Why I will never, ever again vote for Sen. Dianne Feinstein

The Burr-Feinstein anti-encryption bill is a horrible piece of proposed legislation. This is a bill that will likely criminalize all forms of strong encryption. What the actual fuck?! Either Sen. Feinstein is an idiot or just plain evil. Either way, she’s not fit to draft legislation if this is what happens when she tries.

There are lots of other reasons to really, really dislike her, though:

She behaves more like a conservative than a liberal. She needs to leave the Senate and I will never vote for her again. I’ll vote for anyone else if she runs again.


I curse the day I bought an Xbox 360 (not for the reasons you think, either)

It’s not because my son plays too much, or the content is too violent, or anything like that.  It’s that I have to deal with this incredibly frustrating system Microsoft has created.  The latest saga:

My son wanted to purchase some DLC (DownLoadable Content).  In this case it was an add-on for Assassin’s Creed III.  We have several profiles on our Xbox.  One for me, the credit card holding adult, and one for my son.  So, to purchase the DLC we used my profile.  During the purchase, my son was smart enough to verify that the purchase, once made, could be used by any profile on the Xbox.  He scrolled through the description and pointed it out to me.  It said it there in black and white.  I was satisfied, too.  So, we make the purchase as me, then he switched to his profile and started the game.  The purchased DLC was not there.  We fiddled with it for an hour.  My son was obsessed with it, and two hours after that I found he was still trying to get it to work.  So, I lost 1 hour and he lost 3 hours.  FUCK UP #1.

Today, I’m staring at this email from Microsoft where they confirmed the purchase of “400 Microsoft Points” (the currency with which you make purchases on an Xbox).  I’m thinking, “I really want a refund” so I go searching on xbox.com for some sort of link to call them.  I go to xbox.com and click on “Support.”  I finally find “Contact us” and click on that, and I see “Step 1: What type of issue are you having?”  I click on “Billing and memberships” and I don’t see a Step 2 or anything.  I fiddle for a while and then it dawns on me: I’ll bet their website is broken with Chrome.  So, I switch to IE and yeah, I see a Step 2.  FUCK UP #2.

I choose “Chat” for Step 2.  I wait a while and the chat starts.  I’ll spare you the details, but 20 minutes later I’m no closer to getting my refund than when I started.  FUCK UP #3.

The above is just one of many interactions I’ve had with my Xbox.  It’s not the worst nor is it the most time consuming.  It is merely the latest.

I will never buy another gaming console from Microsoft.  Ever.  I value my time and my serenity too much.

UPDATE 8/29/13: so, I sign into my xbox.com account today and I see I have a message.  I click on the letter icon and I see “You can read this message on your Xbox 360.” WTF? Really? Two words Microsoft: user experience. You are killing me.

The reason  I went to xbox.com was because of this: I received an email that I need to convert my current “Xbox Live Gold Family Pack” to something else.  You would think that once I sign into my account on xbox.com I could find a place to do that.  Well, after 10 minutes of clicking around in “My Account” I can’t find anything that references this issue.  Again, WTF Microsoft?!  I’ll just finish by asking this simple question: what would Apple do?  I’ll bet they’d fucking nail this.

The trouble with Dick

He is the anti-Christ. The devil. My proof, Cheney said this on CNN:

You can go back and argue the whole thing all over again, Wolf, but what we did in Iraq in taking down Saddam Hussein was exactly the right thing to do; the world is much safer today because of it.

Either the man is insane, which is certainly possible, or he is completely evil. Either way, it’s not so good for us. I can’t even imagine what he’d do as President.