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“Rick and Morty” is the best new series of the year

I read Rick and Morty had beaten the popular [adult swim] show Archer.  I also read that Dan Harmon, creator of Community, one of my favorite shows, was the co-creator of this new show.  Those two facts were enough for me to try Rick and Morty.  I was not disappointed!

The show is unpredictable, but in that good way that you rarely see in a TV show.  Be aware that the pilot is an introduction to the characters and show themes, so it’s not hugely funny in and of itself.  The payoff starts at episode #2.  To date, there are 6 episodes and they rank as some of the funniest stuff I’ve seen in a while.


The moment that sealed Walter White’s demise: S04E05 42:14

In season 4, episode 5 of Breaking Bad, Hank had given up on finding Heisenberg because he thought Gale was the genius chemist.  Walt, however, couldn’t stand the idea of someone else taking credit for his work, so he told Hank that Gale was nothing more than a copier of someone else’s great work.  Hubris, pure and simple.  Walt should have been over the moon that Hank was off the case for good.

I’m so looking forward to August 11th, when the first of the last eight episodes premiers.  Bring it on!

The best 30 minutes of television ever made

Community‘s S03E04, aka Remedial Chaos Theory, is my nominee for the best 30 minutes of television ever made.  It’s not just that Community is a great show, this particular episode is on a different level.  Not merely a string of jokes held together by a plot, t his episode is a finely crafted masterpiece.

If you haven’t seen the episodes leading up to this one, I wouldn’t just recommend jumping into the series with this episode.  The accumulated character development is important for the context of the episode, and I don’t think it’s possible to enjoy it quite as much without that context.

I just watched the episode again, for the 4th or 5th time.  I still marvel at it, each time being amazed that it can still have the same emotional effect on me that it did when I first saw it.