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Uber may be the best taxi replacement, but…

They have absolutely no clue about customer service or how to take payments for their service.

I decided to use them to get to and from the airport for a recent vacation. I got an estimate of what it would cost ($100), and got a virtual credit card from Citi for the rides and signed up on the website.

The rides were a convenient and quick way to get to and from the airport, but I didn’t predict the cost well. The ride home went put me over the $100 limit I had set on the virtual CC. They emailed me to fix this, so I immediately went to the website (following the link in their own email).

I couldn’t add a new CC on their website. I kept getting a generic “an error has occurred.”  I contacted support, and after exchanging email with four different people that didn’t read my original email or the previous emails their own support people sent me, I finally got someone that admitted the problem was their end and they were “looking into it.”

I waited 3 days and tried again. Emailed them. Got a response from someone that started the process all over again, ignoring all the history in the support ticket, with them telling me I must have used a prepaid card, or something, and to.. blah blah blah.

So, today, I had the idea, I’ll add a new payment method via the app. I did that. There appears to be no way to pay my outstanding balance via the app, so I went to their website, where it still tells me I have an outstanding balance, but the new payment methods are nowhere to be seen. So, I can’t pay the balance and I can’t use the service because I have an outstanding balance.

So, I added another CC in the app, to see if it was a one-time glitch. Nope, same deal.

Then, I get an alert from my CC company that two charges were just made on the two cards I added above, one charge for $0.88 and the other for $1.50. Note, this is not a temporary charge. I don’t get emails for those. This is an actual charge.

It is pretty incredible that a company with a $62.5B valuation (the value at their last funding), can’t even do something as simple as adding a credit card to my account!  And their customer support style (no continuity between emails to them) means you have to start from scratch with each person.

At this point, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to use the service again.