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Penguin Publishing is a stupid, stupid company and I’m boycotting them

For the Nth time I went to buy a book and found the Kindle price higher than the dead tree price ($12.99 vs $10.88).  I will not buy another Penguin book until this is fixed (except used, which I’m about to do right now).  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, or even a brain surgeon, to figure out their cost is lower for a Kindle book compared to something they need to make and ship (twice!).  I wrote Penguin a letter last year and got a stupid reply.  Yaba yaba yaba … insert marketing speak … yaba yaba yaba.  The reply completely ignored every point in my letter.  I understand, you can’t personalize each reply, but I’d rather have no reply than an off-topic one.

Instead of having sane and rational pricing policy that would encourage me to buy more books, they have a stupid one that discourages me from giving money to the publishing company or the author.